Chilly Snow


Slam down the mountain full speed ahead


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Chilly Snow is a skiing arcade game where you'll lob yourself down from a snowy peak across a slope riddled with obstacles including forest areas and trees. Your objective is simply (or rather not-so-simply) to make it as far as you can down the slope while dodging trees left and right along your way.

Busting out your daredevil moves gets you extra points, like for example when you close cut it towards a tree and swerve by almost hitting it, but not touching it, the more risk involved, the better. That way in Chilly Snow you get the perfect balance between risk and rewards where the only way to win is by upping your risk. Plus, the better your points are, the more special items you unlock. Now you can unlock new trees to dodge, more colors for your mountain background, and more balls.

Chilly Snow is a frenetic arcade game that's fun-filled and at times, a bit jaw-dropping. It's the perfect game to unwind for a minute over a quick match. In fact, if you actually make it longer than one full minute in the game, you'll appear on the official worldwide scoreboard.

Android 4.4 or higher required